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Publicado Atahualpa 3.6.4

El potente tema para WordPress Atahualpa ha sido publicado en su versión 3.6.4. Las novedades son, correción de bugs y 2 funcionalidades nuevas. Cito:

This version is in the review queue at but not listed yet
– BUGFIX 361-01: meta tags not appearing in generated source
– BUGFIX 361-02: Tab order on comment form incorrect when user is not logged in
– BUGFIX 361-03: Allow Tag widget links to use Atahualpa widget link styling.
– BUGFIX 361-04: Allow Custom Menu widget links to use same styling as Pages widget.
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2 new options:
“Style & configure LAYOUT” -> “Emulate IE7″. It defaults to ‘No’ and will only generate the line when set to ‘Yes’
“Header Image” -> “Overlay Header Image”